you are the fashion


Fashion (Mode in French, and from Latin, modus, mode or measurement) in its broader meaning suggests a choice based on subjective criteria associated with the collective taste.

Fashion in terms of clothing is defined as those mass trends and genres that people adopt or stop using. Fashion refers to the customs that mark a specific place or time, especially those related to dress or accessories.

In the beginning, men were limited to collecting whatever fruits the plants could offer and to consuming the animals they could capture, using their furs to keep warm without any particular technique. It is then that man first begins to invent ornaments such as necklaces, and belts while maintaining the simplicity of their furs. Once their basic needs were met, the objective of clothing became to beautify the wearer, whether male or female.

Throughout history, certain individuals such as Elizabeth I, Louis XIV and Gabrielle Coco Chanel, have stood out for their unique sense of fashion. These and many other historical figures greatly influenced the trends of the times in which they lived.

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