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During the First Century BC, the main Roman custom was the toga for men and women. Later the feminine garment was called palla. The toga was similar to the Greek himation but wider and measured 2,5 meters wide and 5,2 meters long. It was laid over the body pleated, one end was placed over the breast and went across the left shoulder made way around the back and came back to the front under the right arm, once there it went back over the left shoulder and then was bound at the back. The senator's toga was white with purple stripes. The Emperators dressed a tunic embroidered with gold and a toga with purple edges.

1. Lictor and senator with toga.
2. Lady wears palla (tunica) and femenine head dress.
3. Earing and rings.
4. Necklace.

Author: Vicen

Article from the website: Moda en la Historia