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The 17th Century. Spain

Around the 17th century in Spain, the black colour was considered to be the most elegant colour and was used in parties and special celebrations. Men worn jerkin or a tight garment like a vest, a short skirt and quilted sleeves over a white linen shirt or embroidered silk. The underpants were short and bulky. The footwear had ornaments and the tight were knitted or made of silk. In winter they used a short cape with a big collar that arrive to mid leg.

Women would wear a dress with crinoline that shape the shirts. They were mainly made of velvet or satin, garnished with ribbons and embroideries. The golilla, garnished with lace on the edges were on cuffs and collars. Both noble men and women showed off heavy gold necklaces with gems.

1. Noble woman with a velvet headdress.
2. Shirt front with embroidery and lace.
3. Silk headdress.
4. Felt cap.
5. Spanish Gentlemen of the 17th Century.

Author: Vicen

Article from the website: Moda en la Historia