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Babilon - Assyria

In 1.917 BC, Elam three reigns, Assyria y Syria were reunited under the empire of Babylon. Assyria conquered the empire in 1.250 BC reaching its peak in the mixed cultures of the 7th and 8th century BC.

Babylon and Assyrian clothing had two parts: a straight fitting and fringed edges tunic sometimes long and others short called kandis and a garnish shwal of different sizes.

Men an women would wear the same clothing, the only difference was that women shwal were bigger. It was used the linen, but the wool was more common with varied embroidery artistically designed.

The dresses would have fringes and tassels. Were common lively colours, red, blue and green. Purple was only used by kings, whose tiaras were adorned with fuss. The hair and beard were carefully worked on tights loops. Little its known about the fememine dressing, women lived away from the public life and do not appear on bas-relive and sculptures left.

1. Tiara, helmet and diferent kinds of Assyrian earrings.
2. Banner and Assyrian sandals.
3. Assyrian Bracelet and necklace.
4. Assyrian Decoration.

Author: Vicen

Article from the website: Moda en la Historia