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Iberian Peninsula. Christian Kingdoms

The Iberia Peninsula was invaded at the beginning of the 8th Century by the Arabic who stay in the territory for a period of almost 8 years. During all that time the Christians fought against the invaders, waged numerous battles and slowly they attained to reconquer the territory and founded reigns. But even when the Arabians lost their political power their cultural influence remained and became stablish. In arts and science as well as the technique, the Arabians introduced remarkable advances and also left touch on the weapons, armours, fabrics, jewels and perfumes. And as a curiosity within the fashion field: the needles were introduces in Spain, and so in Europe, by the Arabians

Among the Christians the costume was similar to the French ones although the fabrics were plainer.

From a small Northern region, the single territory which was not dominated by the Arabians, the Conquistador was born and last to 1492 when Elisabeth of the Castile and Fernando of Aragon so called the Catholic Monarchs, entered in the city of Granada, the last Arabic redoubt. During the Conquistador were being organized the Christian kingdoms such as Leon, Castile, Aragon and Navarra. The fight against the Arabians demanded great sacrifices and the habits were simple and so the fashion was in general, austere.

The custom was composed of tunics, mostly plain as the embroidered and silk fabrics used by the Arabians were unworthy for the Christians. Some gentlemen used a tunic cut on the knees and armours of short chain mail. The feminine head dressing was a veil which covered the hair.

1a y 1b. Feminine head dress.
2. Gentleman.
3. Gentleman and ladies.
4. Messenger.

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