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Paleolithic - Mesolithic

In 1.886, in the small cavern of de Cro-Magnon were found several skeletons that allowed to affirm this man race reached 1,80 m size, was robust and vigorous, of a long and voluminous skull, slightly plain on the occiput and displayed a high front and not prominent supraorbital ridges. The face somehow wide on the cheekbones showed a long and narrow nose. The inferior jaw had a prominent chin.

This race men and the women, who lived during the Palaeolithic, covered the body with leather as loincloth hold by thin leather strings; they adorned themselves with necklaces made of the nails and teeth hunted for feeding as long as little snails that threaded with thin leather strings.

It is possible to affirm that they knew about the fire, which was conserved ritually.

1. A men peeling hide using a stone scraper.
2. They cut the leather on thin strings of different sizes with stone knives.
3. Loincloth and way of hold it.
4. Different shaped stone tools.

Before the glaciers advancement, the men had to hide in natural caverns to cope with the cold and cruel temperatures that came right after. They started to use new elements to make warm clothes which felt forced to use. Needles were created from polished bone chips to sew clothes that end up covering all their bodies.

Ivory was also used, it was carved to get different shapes and they interior of the caves that sheltered them with animal figures fine drawn and painted. Those art demonstrations marked the beginning of a cultures that revels how the circumstances create in men the renovation of their ideas for a better life.

1. Man and woman dressed with leather sewed with hide strings.
2. Bone clothes pin and way it was hold.
3. A woman sewing with thin leather strings and different needle kinds.
4. Snail necklace and baton adorned with sacred animals.

Author: Vicen

Article from the website: Moda en la Historia