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The Neolithic

When the glaciers withdraw, the primitive men searched for mild and permit them to discover and develop the farming and also to use some animals wool to make fabrics that took over the leather.

The groups of families and so, the houses, where forming towns and this is how the primitive city was born.

The life in society and the collaborating work reached a relative refinement due to women adorning their bodies with bracelets and made up their faces which highlighted a new born wealth and safety regarding the survival.

And as an example of their incoming craftsmanship were left preciously decorated pottery.

1. Woman shearing in a rudimentary way.
2. Feminine make up and hairstyle.
3. Carved wooden spindle, skirt and belt made with wool and fur of goat.
4. Ivory bracelets.

Author: Vicen

Article from the website: Moda en la Historia