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The Sumerians

The long wild Palaeolithic night and the leaden clarity of the Neolithic barbarity give way, five millenniums ago, tin the Mesopotamian of the Middle East, to the first civilisation and with it, to the history. A history that starts with the invention of the writing.

Were the cities of Sumer, such as the sacred Nipur of the opulent Ur and the proud Lagash, which left us written documents and work of arts, the manifest creating fever of those men and women.

The Sumerian invented the wheel, built palaces and temples where worship their gods and were they who first to extract copper and work it to give use and later added tin and bronze came out, more resistant and strong. They were expert craftsman and great sculptors and left eloquent evidence of chisels in silver and gold.

1. Man and men of the Sumerian period.
2. A bull head made of lapis zuli covered with gold leaf.
3. Sumerian hearings.
4. Queen Subara's Luxurious headdress (Ur) and two Sumerian headdress.
5. Gold Helmet made out of a single piece.

Author: Vicen

Article from the website: Moda en la Historia