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Ancient Egypt

Egyptian dressing consisted of few garments that thanks to its warm and stable weather were made out of linen and cotton. The wealthiest class would use a fine translucent muslin made of the linen grown on the rich muddy plain by the Nile river.

The main masculine garment was called shenti. It is was a long sash wrapped round the hips hold by a lace or belt finished with knot. Women dress was straight and tight, like a pod and hang from below the breast to the ankles, hold by one or two straps. Sandals were made with leather soles, papyrus or wood and were tided with leather, metal or plant fibre strings.

Both men and women shaved their heads and used wigs. Some dignitaries beards were also a hairpiece. They would make up their eyes and cheeks and used red lipstick. It was very common to use cosmetics and perfumes. Among the objects used to fight the heat were fans made of leafs or feathers and very long long handle sunshades.

1. Egyptian Queen with slave.
2. Sandals and anklet.
3. Royal helmet and masculine headdress.
4. Egyptian rings, earnings and neck laces.

Author: Vicen

Article from the website: Moda en la Historia