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May 24, 2015
Adriana Gastélum
Graphic Designer & Fashion Blogger

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May 24, 2015
Name: Adriana Gastélum
Country: Spain

Your favourite designer: 3.1 Phillip Lim..
Favourite garment: White tops.
Garment you would never wear: 'Never say never'.
A material: Leather.
A colour: BlLack.
A perfume: Chloé de Chloé.
A book: Lolita, Nabokov..
A blog: Brunette Braid
'I want to be trendy and wear the things that are modern but without looking like a storefront.'

Adriana Gastélum. Degree in Graphic Design and Fashion Blogger. She opened her blog, Fake Leather, almost five years ago in Christmas 2010, looking for a place where she could express her interest in fashion.
Which is the difference between Fake Leather and other blogs?
Before there wasn't any difference. The main essence of blogs were the outfits and that's it. Explaining why you wore that outfit and commenting about the combination you made. Currently I believe Fake Leather offers a bit more. I don't care just about the outfit, also to the surroundings and context of the picture so it's all very visual. Not all the pictures I post are about the clothes, sometimes I present pictures of a tree or a signboard or something that shows the place where I wear the outfits. What I'm trying to achieve is that my readers become familiar with the place, and can recognize it or relate it to their life, because they have been there or wished to be there. Finally, Fake Leather is not just a fashion blog. I also share beauty tips, lifestyle, places to visit...
What is fashion for you?
To begin, fashion is not the same as style. For me fashion are the trends. As the saying goes: 'De la moda lo que acomoda'. Fashion are the elements that define a period such as the 70s, 80s, 90s, etc. It is a very positive thing to mix the fashion with your own style. You can have a very sharp style but without feeling outdated. I want to be trendy and wear the things that are modern but without looking like a storefront.
As you write in your blog, you evolved the way you dress passing through styles as punk, gothic, lolita... to find, at the end, your own styles. So, did you find this style?
I think so, but I can't say that this will be my definitive style because I evolve constantly. For example, I used to drive a car everyday and I wore high heels because I didn't walk too much and it was comfortable. Nowadays I use the underground and I walk pretty often, so now I have to use a lot of flat shoes.
Instagram. More than 77.000 followers. What is the secret to get that quantity of followers in the social networks, and your blog?
Something really easy to do is to know your audience. There are basic tools in the Internet that, for example, tells you at what hours your lectors are online. So, you can try posting at these hours. It's also important that the pictures you post must be highly quality. You must be critical with what are you going to share and decide if the picture is good enough to be posted. Finally, posting a lot, many times during the day and in different hours.
Constantly new fashion blogs appear, new bloggers. A few of this bloggers asked if is necessary an economical inversion to ensure the success of their blog. Is this true?
Yes and no. Yes, because if you take it seriously since the beginning, you want to show the best quality to get attention. So, a good camera with a great lens, will be a big inversion. Everybody has a computer but you need Photoshop, and someone to design your blog or logo and this kind of little things. I think that you have to put an investment and it will eventually revenue itself. But all depends if you work a lot in the project. You can have all the money in the world, the best camera and the most expensive clothes but if you don't work enough and you don't post constantly, nobody will follow you.
With the appearing of the first fashion bloggers, it seemed the fashion had transformed into something more democratic, more real. Now, the professional bloggers are sponsored by known brands, etc. Do the bloggers return into a monopoly of the big brands, or they can still be authentic?
Yes, of course they can. A blogger has her own favorite brands but the task of a blogger is like the job of a stylist. A brand can offer me a jacket that is not completely my style but with the correct styling I can make it work and my readers will be interested in it. I believe we, bloggers, must be more honest and I personally reject to work with some brands, because I didn't like it and I didn't see any benefit to me or for the brand.
How do you describe your style?
My style is very real, wearable. I think also that is chic. I try to mix classic clothes with trendy ones.
Are you a fashion-victim?
No, definitely no. I'm not a model, not everything suits me and, moreover, I think that looking like a storefront has zero merit. The real challenge is learning what suits you and to have a contemporary style without being a fashion-victim.
What resources do you use to be informed about the fashion world?
Magazines, blogs...I read a lot of blogs, because I don't want to copy what other blogs are wearing. What I do most is see the clothes in the shops and analyze what I want to wear and what can I explode and finally I get inspired, in some occasions. At the beginning I pick one clothing item and little by little I put together the full outfit.
What is the thing that never lack in your closet?
A pair of jeans and a leather jacket.
What do you consider essential for a woman to be well dressed?
She must know herself and the things that make her comfortable. If you feel comfortable with what you're wearing, it shows a lot more confidence when you walk than wearing a designer bag, for example.
'The real challenge is learning what suits you and to have a contemporary style without being a fashion-victim.'

Adriana Gastélum

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