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May 24, 2015
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June 25, 2014
Mónica Prado
Fashion blogger, model & working girl

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June 25, 2014
Name: Mónica Prado
Country: Spain

Your favourite designer: Justicia Ruano.
Favourite garment: A midi skirt
Garment you would never wear: Which doesn't make me feel at ease.
A material: Cotton.
A colour: White.
A perfume: Chloe.
A song: The Scientist by Coldplay.
A book: 'Joan of Arc'.
A blog:
'Just because something is in fashion it doesn't mean you have to wear it.'

On your Facebook page you present yourself as a 'Happy, working girl, fashion follower, and blogger'. You have also been a model. How did you start out in the world of fashion?
I began in the world of fashion out of sheer passion. I really loved it; it was a world that I was drawn to, and from a very young age I have always liked to look at clothes and see what I would wear. I had the chance to become involved in the world of fashion and so began my career as a model.
And what does fashion mean to you now?
Fashion is still everything to me, and a really important part of my life. In the past I lived it as a model; a profession which I absolutely loved, and now I'm living it from a different perspective as a blogger, which is definitely no less interesting.
What blog did you look at before you started your own?
I didn't actually know very much at all about the world of bloggers. The first two I followed were well-known: Amlul by Gala González and Kayture by Kristina Bazán.
What led you to create
The need to do something different, as well as my job. I needed something more than just flying (I have worked for 17 years in an airline company) and I was keen to do something since I left the world of Fashion. I really wanted to have the possibility of experiencing it again one way or another.
As an ex model, do you think you have a certain advantage over other bloggers when presenting the looks on your blog?
No, I really don't. The fact that I have been a model doesn't necessarily mean that I know the latest trends any better. The trends are there and available to everyone and so I don't feel that being a model has any additional benefits.
Do you consider yourself a professional blogger?
No! (laughing) I am someone who is constantly evolving. I wouldn't consider myself a professional blogger now or ever, for one simple reason: if I really believed this I might get too comfortable and I feel that would be a mistake. Nor am I someone who likes to conform and so I believe that we are always able to do more than what we actually do.
What sources do you use to be up to date with Fashion?
Firstly, my own intuition. I have always worn things that at certain moments might have seemed strange, but then they became trendy. This has happened to me quite a lot. When I was 17 I used to wear a suit jacket and tie. People would look at me strangely and say 'what is a girl doing wearing a suit and tie?' (laughing). A few years later the suit, smoking jacket and male style itself continues to be one of the greatest trends around. Another important source is fashion magazines which I collect.
How would you define your style?
Sporty and Chic.
You are pretty clear about that! Many people find it very difficult to define themselves…
Yes (laughing), I am definitely Sporty and Chic combined at times with a touch of sophistication.
What is absolutely essential in your wardrobe?
Everything that makes me feel good. If I had to choose something I would say a true fetish garment would be the midi skirt. I am lucky this year because it is proving to be one of the biggest trends. I think it is really feminine and flattering.
'Feel it... Make it your own'. This is the phrase you use to sign off on your publications. Is it the basis of how to feel good with what you are wearing?
Yes. In fact it is one of the biggest recommendations that I made in my first posts. It is still my greatest slogan and for that reason I always sign my publications in this way. Just because something is in fashion it doesn't mean you have to wear it. The main thing is that to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. If that isn't the case what you are going to transmit is going to be very different to what you mean to say. For example I love to wear high heels, and I feel really comfortable in them, but just because that is how I feel, I would also recommend that someone not used to wearing heels not to wear them as they could quite possible ruin their day! This is my philosophy: 'Feel it... make it your own'.
What do you consider essential to be well-dressed?
I would go back to the last question. First you have to feel it. You can wear really expensive clothing and spectacular shoes but it doesn't mean that you are necessarily giving a good image. To be well dressed I think you have to be yourself and feel comfortable with whatever you are wearing.
According to your presentation on, Fashion is not the same as excessive consumerism.
It seems to be generally understood that to be in fashion you have to be continuously buying the latest trends.
How can people stay in fashion and use their clothing from past seasons?
This is one of the other philosophies on Experience has shown me that what has been in fashion at one point will come back into fashion. There might be a few seasons in between but finally everything comes back, and there is always an accessory or garment that you can use with the newest trends. So I very often write:
'Just because something is from a past season it doesn't mean that it should be forgotten'.
I'm someone who really likes to re-use their clothes and I think there is always room for garments and accessories that we have in the wardrobe even when they are not from this year.
Do you think that bloggers influence the decisions of designers and big brands?
No. I don't think we are there yet. I think bloggers are one small step in a very large chain of big brands and that we are a fast way to the public. I don't think we have that kind of power yet (laughing).
Many followers of important bloggers doubt that the looks published are real. They often believe that they are just compositions for the photos. Do you believe that is the case? Are the outfits you publish things you actually wear on a daily basis or are they just compositions?
In my case I actually publish what I wear. When I choose an outfit I do so thinking about what I would wear on one occasion or another. Therefore everything I publish whether it is the full look or combing it in different ways, are things that I continue to use.
Do you agree for example in doing 'mere compositions' to present or publish brands? Or do you believe that this is outside the Fashion bloggers philosophy? (Even though we know that some people do this)?
Not everybody likes the same things or the same styles. Therefore there are times when you have to make compositions because you are asked to, 'can you make me something for a cruise, a wedding, or a special event?' So within my own style I can make them that composition. But I know fully well that I will show something that I would always wear or I just won't publish it.
Can you give some Fashion advice for our readers (although I can almost predict what you will say!...).
'Feel it…make it your own'.
'Feel it... Make it your own'

Mónica Prado

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