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February 22, 2013
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April 29, 2013
Name: Marianela Hernández
Blog: Marilyn's Closet
Country: Spain

Your favourite designer: There are many but I think Isabel Marant wins a first place.
Your favourite item of clothing: Jeans.
An item of clothing you would never wear: I never say never.
A material: Silk.
A colour: Black.
A perfume: Valentina, by Valentino.
A song: That's tough..."Si tú no estás aquí" by Rosana
A book: The boy in the striped pyjamas.
A blog: Gary Pepper Girl.
'Fashion is many things, but I see it as a form of expression. You can know someone just by looking at the way they dress and I think that is incredible!'

In November 2011 you created the first entry in your blog. What led you to create an online space dedicated to fashion?
My boyfriend; I hadn't a clue about blogging until then. I arrived from the United States looking for work as a social worker but didn’t find anything. My boyfriend suggested I start a blog about fashion which he thought I would be good at. At that time I wasn’t really sure. I thought about it for a while and began to do some research into this very strange world, before I finally made up my mind. But it took me a while.
'Marilyn's Closet' has over 5000 followers just on Google and in Facebook. What is the secret to your success as a blogger?
Well, I don't know about success...(laughing) I still have a long way to go, but obviously what I have achieved up until now has been down to hard work and a lot of hours of dedication. You have to love what you do because people can feel it, and your readers will notice it.
You have studied a degree in Social Work. Is it your aim to continue your professional career in this field or dedicate yourself full-time to the world of fashion? Do you think you can live professionally just from fashion blogging?
That was my intention and I haven't stopped training as a social worker. I have always said that helping others is something that really fulfils me and something I need, although I'm still looking for the way to integrate two such very different fields as social work and fashion. Right now it is the blogging world that is giving me an income (financially) and as long as that continues I will keep going. I am also studying online marketing and social networking, but if I were to be offered work as a social worker I wouldn't reject it. In fact looking at the current economic situation if I were to be offered any kind of work I wouldn't say no! (laughing). I think it is possible to live from a fashion blog and that has been proven by the top national and international Bloggers, but I suppose it also depends on the kind of lifestyle that you are looking for. If you do things well and work hard you can get to be one of the top blogs and I’m sure that everything else follows naturally on its own.
In your blog, do you show what people are currently wearing or what you yourself like to wear?
A little bit of everything. Sometimes I like to put on things that people are wearing so the readers can see what they look like or how to combine them. Yet it might also be something that I wouldn’t normally wear (although saying that, I wouldn’t really have an aversion to anything really). But I can honestly say that I have never felt uncomfortable wearing anything that I have put in the blog. I have worn everything because I have wanted to whether it was trendy or not.
What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is many things, but I see it as a form of expression. You can know someone just by looking at the way they dress and I think that is incredible!
Do you think that bloggers influence the decisions of designers and big brands?
Today definitely. For the last few years bloggers have become increasingly important characters in the world of fashion, so that would be a big YES to that question.
What is the profile of the users who visit your blog?
Honestly I have no idea. (laughing) I think they are clearly a majority of women but I think that the age range is actually quite wide.
Where do you get your inspiration?
From anything, and sometimes from nothing. I simply open the wardrobe and say "this can go with that and that with the other." I usually look at magazines and other blogs but I don't look for inspiration; it’s entertainment. The images usually stick with me though so in the end everything is an influence and I suppose that would also be my inspiration.
Could you define your style in one sentence?
No...I really vary according to the day, according to how I feel. I also like to try lots of different trends and so I really change according to the different times. But I think the best people to define my style would be those people who read my blog!! (laughing).
What is never missing from your wardrobe?
Tight jeans, high heels and a white shirt.
What do you consider essential to be well dressed?
Looking after the details. It might seem like nonsense but I really think it is what makes the difference (I’m not saying I always do but I try! – laughing - ) Bracelets, rings, scarves, sunglasses, a hat... they can make a real difference to a certain look.
The typical question, what is going to be in?
The good thing about today's fashion is that people wear a bit of everything; if you don't like the geometric prints you can go for the ethnic, and if you don't like ethnic you can opt for the tropical prints, and if on, and so on. It's the same for everything. But one thing I have noticed is that mint-emerald green is THE colour that will rule and trousers will be mostly 'capri-style'.
Do you have any fashion advice for our users and readers?
Try to be yourself as much as possible. Don't imitate anybody, always dress in what you most like without worrying about what anybody else might think. It is as simple as that. You don't have to be very eccentric to be fashionable. Sometimes less is more.
'Try to be yourself as much as possible. Don’t imitate anybody, always dress in what you most like without worrying about what anybody else might think. It is as simple as that. '

Marianela Hernández

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