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September 25, 2013
Name: Mercedes Maya
Blog: The Midnite Blues
Country: Spain

Your favourite designer: Karl Lagerfeld.
Favourite garment: My bags
Garment you would never wear: Too risky, never say never ...
A material: Silk.
A colour: Black.
A perfume: Valentina by Valentino.
A song: 'Read my mind' by The Killers.
A book: 'Kafka on the Shore' by Haruki Murakami.
A blog:
'A blog is not as easy as it sounds, it requires perseverance, really to want it, strategy and looooong looooong time and, sometimes, is very difficult!'
In June 2011 you created, with Connie, your sister, the first entry in your blog. What led you to create The Midnite Blues?
We have always lived in the world of fashion since we were girls. We love to wear the latest trends, thinking our daily outfits, and had the wardrobe full of clothes so we decided to share it with the rest!
You have studied a degree in Business Sciences, you have been a model and you are blogger. Do you mix the three things in your profession? Is it your aim to continue your professional career in this field or dedicate yourself full-time to the world of fashion?
The truth is that everything I've learned in the fashion world during my career I apply it on my blog. A blog is not as easy as it sounds, it requires perseverance, really to want it, strategy and looooong looooong time and, sometimes, is very difficult! So all my experiences have been very useful and I hope in the not too distant I could dedicate myself 100% to fashion. Without a doubt. I do not know if as a blogger or from another position.
Do you think you can live professionally just from fashion blogging?
If you do not work in another profession, yes. I think it's a choice. If you dedicate yourself to your blog and you get to a certain level of recognition, then, yes, you can live of it. Just do not know for how long. I do not know what will the bloggers who are now 26 years old for the next 10 or 15 years. We will have to wait.
Is it profitable for a non-professional blogger keeping a blog? Is it worth the effort-time-money?
It's worth as long as you like what you do and have fun, because it's a lot of dedication. I guess it also worth it if you do not work on something else. If this is your only commitment, then yes you have nothing to lose.
You live in Bologna but always in contact with Barcelona. Furthermore, you continuously travel to other countries. Do you find that fashion is different depending on the country?
Yes! Absolutely yes! For example, in Barcelona we are very relaxed about wearing heels, makeovers, etc... In Italy the girls seem to leave the hairdressing saloon every day, and they wear much more classic. It shows immediately! Fashion changes depending on the country, and is one of the things that I like, this versatility and difference.
What does fashion mean to you?
For me it is a passion that I enjoy and I would live professionally 100% from it in the future.
In your blog, do you show what people are currently wearing or what you yourself like to wear?
I show what I like to wear, no doubt. I buy or choose my clothes according to my personal tastes, my body, etc... I've always been very clear with my style and I am not easily influenced but I love to follow trends.
Do you think that bloggers influence the decisions of the big label designers?
No. So far I do not think there is such an influential blogger to do so. I think the bloggers are rather a showcase not a creation/inspiration flow for designers.
Where do you get inspiration for your looks?
Basically, from streetstyle.
Can you define your style in one sentence?
Preppy casual.
What is never missing from your wardrobe?
Skirts, many skirts, I feel very comfortable and I love them!
What do you consider essential to be well-dressed?
A good bag.
The golden question, what is going to be fashionable?
As a couple of seasons ago, the punk style returns back: plaid pants, black boots. On the other hand neoprene fabrics appear. This fabric creates wide and rounded forms, much more original and risky.
Do you have any fashion advice for those users reading this blog?
Create your own style following the trends but always adapted to your tastes and your body shape.
'I think the bloggers are rather a showcase not a creation/inspiration flow for designers.'

Mercedes Maya

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