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January 14, 2014
Name: Erika Guerra
Blog: Pure Style by Erika
Country: Spain

Your favourite designer: Marc Jacobs. Evolution, professionalism, creativity. All in one.
Favourite garment: Blazer. It is such a favorite garment that I collect them.
Garment you would never wear: Never say you will not drink of this water because you will drink 2 liters.
A material: Denim.
A colour: Black.
A perfume: Coco Mademoiselle-Chanel.
A song: Any song that emits fragrances R&B. If it reaches to my ears, I disconnect from the world altogether.
A book: 'Brújulas que buscan sonrisas perdidas' by Albert Espinosa.
A blog: – The blog of the true reality of fashion. The texts are as good as fun.
'A look isn't just about a selection of clothes; for me it is a mood, a form of expression.'

Pure Style by Erika began in October 2013. In little over 3 months you have already had 70,000 visitors! How did Pure Style by Erika come about? What was your drive to create a blog?
70,000 visits is a lot: much more than I could have hoped for. I'm really happy with the reaction the blog has had. Four years ago I was in two minds whether to start it or not, but my friends, family and all the other people behind the marvellous Instagram encouraged me to go ahead with it. I started to publish my daily looks online on the social network sites but needed to do more, to show greater detail, quality, text, and my expressions and feelings. This is how Pure Style by Erika came about. And you already know the rest (laughing)
As well as publishing your looks, your blog has an important editorial section where you explain your ideas. Does the graphic area complement your text or do you give more importance to one over the other?
I think I am a very passionate person and I use my 5 senses in everything I do. A look isn’t just about a selection of clothes; for me it is a mood, a form of expression. I like to write and describe it. There are many ways to create a blog and my intention has never been just to publish four photos without any kind of context. I am always looking for the right place and to explain what has led me to do it that way. I am really grateful when someone stops to read what I have written and tells me that they have identified with my words. In my opinion the quality of the photos goes hand-in-hand with the quality of the text. It depends on each individual whether they want to stop to find out a little more or just to observe.
Keeping a blog like yours requires many hours of work. In your blog you also refer to 'your team', and to whom you are always grateful for their collaboration. Is it a professional team that is behind Pure Style by Erika or are you in charge of the whole production?
There are many blogs around but they don't all transmit the same essence. I can't publish a daily look because it would mean a great investment of time and money. 'My team' are my two best friends, the two people who have most supported me in this project and who are continuously and so generously offering to help me in everything. Neither of them had ever held a reflex camera before all of this, and suddenly they began to shoot the photos and it all flowed completely naturally. I am really grateful to both of them for the time that they are dedicating to this, the hours we spend outdoors in the cold during the sessions, climbing up onto rocks with high heels on, and how they look after all the details. Most of all I am grateful for how we are all learning together. We make a good team. The editorial part of the blog is my own work.
Some people begin working in the blogging world believing that making money with a blog is relatively easy. Do you think this is true?
One of the most important parts of keeping a blog like mine is the investment of money. Nobody gives anything away for free. Some people might think that it is like being Chiara Ferragni, you arrive and kiss the saint. But the reality is quite different. You have to keep both feet firmly on the ground. You might think you are good but not everyone else may feel the same. You have to work very hard and the compensation can be very low, sometimes nothing at all. In my case, I am compensated fully at a personal level, although I am collaborating with some brands that are just starting up, and have taken interest in my work, such as AQBarcelona. I always decide if I want to collaborate with a brand or not; if I like what they are offering and it fits my style and way of working.
What advice would you give to those people beginning their own blog?
I started my blog because I am really passionate about this world. The most important thing is to love what you do, and if it is what you want to do – then do it! Put any unfounded criticism to one side and don't allow any negative comments to affect you. There will always be someone trying to create a negative atmosphere but the positive ones outweigh them! The most important thing is to have a clear definition of your work. I don't accept a collaboration just to 'receive gifts'. People don't like labels – it is much more beautiful to be recognized for who you are.
Do you think bloggers have the power to influence the decisions of designers and major brand names?
More than that, I think that the major brands hugely benefit from the concept of the 'blogger'. Today most people know what a blogger is and where they can find information about what they do. It is true that they are increasingly using the image of bloggers to promote their collections and that is fantastic. It is fashion for real people, from different points of view with different styles.
What is fashion for you?
In the last few years I would say that fashion has been my oxygen, my way to let off steam. It has been a great liberation to write my blog about my different looks and not only have I felt that 'I love fashion' but unconsciously that I feel it, live it, project it, aspire to it and that it actually transforms me. Fashion is another accessory to who I am.
Where do you get your inspiration from?
I'm inspired by streetstyle, in national and international blogs, in the most well-known brands lookbooks, magazines, webs, shops, cafes... Inspiration can come about at any time and any place.
Could you define your style in one sentence?
I like the rock trend in casual looks, with a touch of night time even during the day. I am versatile and mix trends to my own style. I might put Converse boots on with a leather mini skirt or jeans and a lingerie top.
Do you follow all trends even if they don't go with your style?
Absolutely. It is quite unavoidable to stay up to date with everything that is happening in the world that you love. I follow everything that is happening that is going to be around in the next few seasons. It is important to stay up to date on a daily basis and to know in real time what is going on. Trends are one-off moments in fashion and if I like them I adopt them and bring them into my own. If I can't see myself wearing them, I don't. It isn't about fancy dress.
What is always without fail at the back of your wardrobe?
Jeans, shirts, blazers, leather mini-skirts, high-heel sandals and a little black dress.
What do you consider is essential to be well-dressed?
The key to a good look is in the attitude. To transmit natural elegance, projecting your own essence in the selection, and being yourself. Less is more. Simplicity is the important factor, so that there is harmony in the clothing and accessories, and that it all transmits a sense of freshness.
And the golden question, what are we going to be wearing this year?
This Spring-Summer 2014, for the time being a lot of what we already know is around: pastel shades, crop tops, mini-skirts and oversize garments in bombers and wide-legged trousers. Black and white shades, mixed together and separate. Perhaps we should wait a little and see what happens on the blogosphere because the collections are not actually surprising us too much for the time being.
Any fashion advice for our readers?
Be unique. Wear trends according to your own style. Be and feel YOURSELF. Fashions pass, and what remains is the essence of what you project with your own style. When in doubt, there are thousands of resources now to know how to combine a garment, not just on blogs but on web sites where they publish looks and offer a great deal of search results and examples. It is a very simple and effective method.
'The key to a good look is in the attitude. To transmit natural elegance, projecting your own essence in the selection, and being yourself.'

Erika Guerra

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