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January 27, 2014
Name: Naty Michele
Blog: A Love Affair With Fashion
Country: USA

Your favourite designer: I have a few but I will go with Chanel. Classic!
Favourite garment: I'd have to say a blazer again. It's one of the most versatile pieces.
Garment you would never wear: There are things I thought I would never try and I have... so I keep an open mind.
A material: (Faux) Leather. I'm definitely having a moment with it.
A colour: Gold.
A perfume: Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf.
A song: 'To Build A Home' by the Cinematic Orchestra. It's so beautiful and filled with emotion.
A book: 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho. It's so inspiring and motivating.
A blog: Gary Pepper Girl. Her style and beauty is flawless.
'When I started singing, I learned how important it was to have my own personal style. That eventually grew into a deep love for fashion'

How did the idea come about to start a fashion blog when you actually began working in the world of music?
I've always had this love and appreciation for fashion. I got to a point where I wasn't really sure if I wanted to keep pursuing my music. I was really just looking for a new creative outlet and another way to create and express myself aside from music. A few friends of mine encouraged me to start a personal style blog, so I finally decided to make one. On some level, I felt as though I was cheating on my music and that's how A Love Affair With Fashion was born.
Fashion, writing and music are your 3 loves according to your presentation on Twitter. With the success of your blog A Love Affair With Fashion has fashion now become your number one love?
They each hold an equal place in my heart and they all pretty much have intertwined with one another at some point. I fell in love with writing back in the 5th grade where I began writing a series of children’s stories and poems. As I got older, the poetry turned into lyrics. Being able to write my own music really pushed me towards pursuing music and singing. When I started singing, I learned how important it was to have my own personal style. That eventually grew into a deep love for fashion.
A Love Affair With Fashion was created two years ago. You have thousands of followers. In August 2013, H&M named you their style ambassador for New Jersey in the 50 States Of Fashion Campaign. Have you worked with many sponsors? What else would you like to achieve in the world of fashion that you haven't yet done?
Ah! There is so much! Blogging can definitely open up many doors which is an amazing thing. I would love to co-design with a brand to come out with my own piece or collection. One of my biggest dreams is to write and publish a book. I don't know if that would be fashion related or not, but it's something I really want to do. Styling for celebrities would be amazing and possibly doing segments on TV at some point too. I'm pretty much open to any and all opportunities that may come my way.
It is undoubtedly a lot of work to maintain a blog like your own. As well as Naty Michele is there a professional team working on A Love Affair With Fashion or do you do everything yourself?
It’s all me! My amazing mother takes my photos, but besides that I am the only one doing everything. It really is time consuming keeping up with it all. In addition to my personal style blog, I also blog for four major shopping malls in New Jersey on a weekly basis which is pretty cool too (laughing).
What makes your blog different to other fashion blogs? What do you think is the reason for your success?
When it comes to fashion blogs, they're all different in my opinion because everyone has their own style and their own voice. I think it's just a matter of staying true to that and keeping up that consistency. I really try to keep my blog focused on affordable fashion and I think many girls are able to relate to that.
How would you define your style?
My style is very chic with an edgy twist. There's definitely simplicity to it but I love throwing in elements of surprise and experimenting with different colors and textures.
Having a professional dedication to a fashion blog involves having sponsors. Does this mean a reduction in your independence when choosing what to wear?
Definitely not and I think that can be a huge misconception. I have full control over what I wear, as I am the one who picks out the pieces each time. If I don't see something that fits my style or if it's a brand that doesn't really mesh well with my blog, then I do not work with them. That's where the whole 'staying true to yourself' comes into play.
For some people the term it-girl has a negative connotation. Do you feel the same? Do you consider yourself an it-girl?
I've honestly never put too much thought into the term. I just see myself as someone who works hard and is dedicated to the things that I love.
Internet has made everything more global and unified. Do you think that fashion in the US is different to European fashion?
I think fashion is different everywhere as it varies from place to place. But that's the beauty of it! You can always expect to see a different take on it. One day I hope to attend Paris and Milan fashion week.
What is always without fail at the back of your wardrobe?
A blazer and a moto jacket.
What do you consider is essential to be well-dressed?
I think a good fit is really important. I also think that if you're comfortable with what you have on then your confidence will show.
Any fashion advice for our readers?
Try to keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit. Style is personal, so just make sure that whatever you wear is a good representation of who you are.
'Style is personal, so just make sure that whatever you wear is a good representation of who you are'

Naty Michele

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