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February 18, 2014
Name: Alba Galve
Blog: La Florinata
Country: Spain

Your favourite designer: Lanvin.
Favourite garment: Ablack skirt
Garment you would never wear: I never say never.
A material: Silk.
A colour: White.
A perfume: Flora by Gucci.
A song: Whatelse by Antònia Font.
A book: 'La Plaça del Diamant' by Mercè Rodoreda.
A blog:
'The essence of the blog is being lost because everyone is working towards making it profitable and that means that some of the initial essence is getting lost along the way.'

In September 2011 the first entry published on refers to a team of three people who began the project. You are the visible face of the blog. Do the others who started the blog still work with you?
I began with two University colleagues Alba and Queralt, who are also journalists. Although it is a long time since we finished our degree, we are still good friends. For professional and motivational reasons Alba left just a month after we started. I worked with Queralt for just under a year until 2012, but she also left for professional and organizational reasons. I was then faced with the dilemma of whether to continue alone or close the blog down because it is tough to do it alone. It was at that time that my partner David made a great effort (although at the beginning he didn't enjoy it too much) and began to help me with the blog. So right now there are two of us, David as photographer and I write, edit the photos etc.
How did the idea come about to create
It began at a time when all three of us were having a kind of existential crisis. We had been made unemployed (very typical in the world of journalism) and we were wondering what to do at least to keep working, and we wanted to stay in the world of communication. Once you leave it is very difficult to get back involved again. We decided to create a blog about fashion. We had been following fashion blogs for some time but we had never thought about showing ourselves online. Finally we decided to go for it and we created
How would you describe How is it different from other blogs?
I try to make a mix of everything that I like about blogs. I like the ego-blogs and seeing the different looks, but every day it is much of the same thing and after a while the whole ego, ego, ego thing gets a bit tiring. I'm not interested in the life of the editor and yet there are lots of them that explain their lives. Along with the ego-blogs I also like pages where you can find new restaurants and places to go. So I decided to bring those two themes together in my blog. At that time we didn't want to stop interviewing people, so we created the section on 'New Promises' to give a space and opening to new designers. Overall I tried to incorporate everything that I liked in other blogs and about life in general, with my own personal stamp on it, and giving it a kind of journalistic character that I could offer from my own personal studies.
The blog includes four sections: Look of the day, In the City, News and New Promises. Which do you prefer and why?
I would choose 'In the city' because I love taking photos, editing and then going out to photograph new venues and dishes. It's really satisfying. As a reader what I most enjoy is reading other blogs and discovering new places to visit and things to do in Barcelona.
After more than two years have you finally been able to make the blog a professional activity? Would you call yourself a professional blogger?
No. I try to make the blog professional but I don't live from the blog so therefore am not a Professional Blogger. The blog is very complementary and offers me a great deal but not so that I can live from it. However I do try to professionalize it as if it were a 'book'. It includes everything I do and can do and it also helps bring support to my profession. That was my main objective rather than being able to live from the blog.
But if you also have a job as well as the blog, how do you keep the blog updated with all the many different items that you include in it? It must take a huge amount of effort.
In my free time I am working on the blog. When I get home it is the blog. And that means that if there are days that I leave work and go out with my friends and get home at 12, then at 12 I start the blog. When I get up I do a little work to upload the post and share on social networks, programme a few publications etc. I am working all day because at weekends I also have to work...
We were quite drawn to how sincere you are when analyzing collections, looks, trade brands, events etc. Criticizing a brand such as Mango for example, is this not against the interests of a blog in the sense of possible sponsors?
It might be going against the interests of the blog, but on the other hand I think that if you are making a constructive criticism, it shouldn't be seen as negative. It is true that in the world of the blogger there is a certain tendency to applaud everything that the brands are doing. If a brand gives you a present then suddenly that is the best brand. It's not particularly credible because the time will come when as a reader I might enter a blog, and when everything is suddenly perfect then I just don't believe it. So I want people who read my blog to see that there are good things and others that are not so good. This might be counter-productive for my blog, but I believe that the brands have to accept the criticism and improve with it. If everyone did the same we would be able to change a lot of things.
What is the most difficult for you, standing in front of a camera or writing an article with the constructive criticism that you sometimes use in your texts?
Standing in front of a camera (laughing)! I have always written and it is not a problem for me. However standing in front of the camera out in the street is what I find hardest. Even after two years I still find that difficult.
At the beginning of the 'blogger effect' it seemed that fashion was becoming more democratic, more real. Now with the professionalization of many bloggers and their support of certain brands and specific designers, do you think that it is turning into a monopoly of just a few?
You can see 'democracy' if you widen your view and look at other blogs, not just the most well-known bloggers. But it is true that the initial common objective of many blogs to be an inspiration to others and make brands accessible to everyone is now breaking up a little. The essence of the blog is being lost because everyone is working towards making it profitable and that means that some of the initial essence is getting lost along the way. I also understand that it is tough for things to stay as they were at the start and also make the blog your job. However there are also many blogs that aren’t so well-known and where you can find some really good ideas. You just have to look for them.
What sources do you use to keep up to date with fashion?
Basically web sites and magazines. Of course I also get information from the different events I attend, but I particularly like to observe what I see on the streets. I prefer to get out and look at what is around me on the streets rather than stay at home searching online. A lot of the time I might be looking at someone and think 'I really like that' and that inspires me. The final question is to adapt everything to your own personal style.
What does Fashion mean to you?
It's a little difficult to explain and/or describe. I think that in today's society where we are guided by image and the first impression, fashion is like a presentation letter. I see it as a presentation letter.
How would you describe your style?
I think I am casual. I try to include a touch of vintage, a little preppy. I really like the British style, British Fashion.
What is never missing from your wardrobe?
Dresses and skirts. That is what I most like. I also like a good white shirt.
There are constantly new blogs appearing from users who want to start out in the world of fashion, also with the idea of becoming professional. What advice would you give these people who are now starting their own blog?
I would tell them to show themselves as they really are in their blog, and how they normally dress, and not to try to appear as anyone other than their true selves. Don't put a garment on just to take a photo for the blog. If you want to show your true essence you have to show yourself as you go out every day. There is no point in putting on special garments to take photos and then publish them on the blog. I think this is the basic thing as well as making a continual effort and staying consistent.
Do you have any fashion advice for our users?
You have to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and that suit you. There are many different styles and everyone has to find their own and dress accordingly. I personally don't allow myself to be led one hundred percent by what is trendy because if you are always following the seasonal fashion of the moment, then what is actually your real style?
'Fashion is a little difficult to explain and/or describe. I see it as a presentation letter.'

Alba Galve

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