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May 24, 2015
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June 25, 2014
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March 04, 2014
Hernan Casale
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March 04, 2014
Name: Hernan Casale
Blog: Scouting-Bcn Model School
Country: Spain

Your favourite designer: Hugo Boss because it reflects everything that is about modern, comfort and quality. It is both for going to the casino or out on your motorbike.
Favourite garment: A shirt
Garment you would never wear: Denim dungarees. I would never put them on, ever.
A material: 100% Cotton.
A colour: Blue.
A perfume: Kenzo.
A song: 'Love of my life' by Queen.
A book: 'Your erroneous zones' by Wayne W. Dyer.
A blog: Your website! and
'A woman with style and class doesn't need to be dressed in fashionable clothes. She will mark the fashion and the trends.'

As a professional model with over 20 years of experience you have appeared on TV, in films and on international catwalks. When did you actually decide to become a model?
I was born in Buenos Aires and living in Argentina, I was a little isolated from the whole world. It was a difficult time, with the end of a dictatorship and what I really wanted was to travel and discover new things. Everything I read in the international press really attracted me to go out and experience it. The opportunity came my way through a friend who advised me to join a modelling agency. I went and introduced myself and it all went well. When a modelling agency from Madrid came to Buenos Aires looking for models I was chosen from amongst those of us who wanted to go to Europe, and I really made the most of the opportunity.
What is the best ever experience you have had as a model? What would be your most special memory?
The best experience in particular, is when you are told that you've done a really good job and that you are in the spotlight. Throughout my career I have had a number of very good experiences with different brands and directors. One particularly good moment (perhaps the toughest as well), and by far the most satisfying in every way, was an advert I did for a Liberto world campaign. It was filmed in the Catalan Pyrenees in the snow. They chose me for my body, which is something I am proud of, as they were looking for a well-defined body and I had been working hard at the gym and on a healthy diet. It was the best job I have ever done. I had to run down a mountain completely naked, wearing a wig and playing the fool. It was really tough. I actually hurt myself in the process but also managed to gain the recognition of a good director. As you might say I literally sweat blood and tears in that one (laughing).
...and the worst?
A lack of professionalism is rare but can be found on a few occasions. The job is normally a team effort, and whether it is the client, the directors, photographers, stylists, make-up artists or technicians, when one of these individuals fails it affects all the others.
You are now the Project Manager for Choreography and Catwalk at the Scouting-Bcn Model School. What are the basic characteristics that someone needs if they want to be a catwalk model? Can anyone be a model?
In the sixties I would have said no because they were really strict about size, height, figure and style. Today it is different although not everything is possible. To walk and show off fashion you have to have a certain attitude to life, and to have made the decision to take a leap without any kind of fear. Not everyone is prepared for that. If a woman measuring 1.80, and with a perfect figure doesn't know how to make the most of her body, she can be easily outshone by a girl of 1.60 with greater self-confidence and the ability to show herself off to her best.
What is fashion to you?
Fashion is Art and Energy. When you put on a new garment you can change your character, and depending on the colour or how you see yourself reflected in the mirror, you can interpret a certain role or be the protagonist of your own film...
Fashion has always had a more female connotation. Men have always been a little less inclined to follow the trends. Do you think that attitude is changing?
Yes, well for quite a long time but I think that men are currently equal to women. Today there is much more media coverage and information, from specialist magazines in men's fashion to cosmetics. Every day it is gradually increasing in the market, as is the demand for male models.
So when it comes to Fashion, men are still a long way from women?
Generally women consume more than men but I don’t think it is as different as people might believe. It is a question of supply and demand.
As you are involved in the world of fashion, do you choose your wardrobe by following the latest trends or are models immune to them?
Models get dressed up when we have to! I don't know any model who wears Prada on a Sunday. When we aren't working we prefer to dress comfortably, but stylishly, and to be natural. You will always see top models with clothes that are... I don't know, a little tatty (laughing). Logically in our job we are given style tips to wear what suits us, independently of the current trends.
What makes a woman elegant?
Class. It is without a doubt about class. It's like the saying 'Aunque la mona se vista de seda...' (lit. Even though a monkey is dressed in silk, he is still a monkey). A woman with style and class doesn't need to be dressed in fashionable clothes. She will mark the fashion and the trends.
And is it the same for a man?
Exactly the same. Elegance is not necessarily spending more money or wearing more expensive garments but the energy that you project with your own style.
Currently the Fashion blogger phenomenon is quite unstoppable. Commercial brands and stores are increasingly choosing to use blogs as 'cheap' marketing. Has the modelling profession been affected by the new appearance of the ego-blogger sometimes being used as a 'semi-professional' by brands? Are the two worlds parallel?
Right now they are two parallel subjects and I don't think they will influence each other. I support the world of bloggers because I think it is a democratic way of reaching out to the Fashion people and to share the failures, trends, balance and what in the end we really need, which is more information. The blogger has direct contact with the designer and with the garment and can communicate and verbally transmit information about it. On the other hand a model walks the catwalk and does a campaign which is also transmitting information but in a non-verbal way. Bloggers and models do not negatively affect each other, they are mutually beneficial.
Modesphera's major goal is to support and help to publicize our user's Fashion blogs. Many bloggers are beginning out on their adventure thinking about becoming professional. Would it be useful for them to do some kind of course, not necessarily modelling but in styling for example at the Scouting-Bcn Model School?
Of course. In my opinion, I would recommend the whole course, not only styling. Remember that the courses we offer in the Scouting Model School are an excellent tool for bloggers since they can be perfectly applied to their work. They are designed for people to learn everything necessary to work as a professional model, and to really get the best out of everyone in the world of fashion and advertising. The example is Styling (likewise for Makeup). It is one of the most important subjects in our school. Everyone has their own type of skin, hair and face shape and we study how to apply a certain colour, a certain garment or style for that particular person. We learn how to pose in front of the camera, how to wear and show off each garment, making the most of social media, understanding work protocol, knowing how to express feeling or emotion in a film shoot, and with the full experience of all the teachers and professionals making up the staff at the Scouting Model School we together know how to bring out the very best of all the students.
Finally as a specialist, what would you advise our bloggers to achieve greater quality in their blogs?
Sincerity! Don't lose your passion for investigation, since there are many different markets and styles, many different kinds of people. We aren't all the same. It would be wonderful if all bloggers had the same chance to develop their work and I would advise them to each allow their own unique personal creativity and originality to shine through.
Actually there will be just a few brands that will control the market if not...
Exactly. For example, as a brand name I bribe you with garments and money and you say that I am the best brand on the market. That is why right now things are good because it is all still democratic. Everyone has a voice and a vote. I hope that the same person who is currently acting and speaking liberally and sincerely about a certain product or brand will not then go on to be bought out by the market.
'Fashion is Art and Energy.'

Hernan Casale

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