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From 24th May to 8th June 2014.

1. Who can participate in the prize draw and how?

To take part in the prize draw you only need to complete the survey before 19:00:00 h 8th June 2014 (Local Time Madrid-Spain).

Remember that you can also follow ARTYSANO on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Please note! Remember to deactivate the box 'I don't wish to participate in Modesphera contests' on your account configuration. You can check this in the upper menu of your profile, in the option 'Manage my account'.

2. How and when will the prize draw take place?

The prize draw will take place on 8th June 2014, at 20:00:00h (Local Time Madrid-Spain) among all users who have completed the survey and will be held via the application 'Sortea2' facilitated by the web site of the same name:

3. When will the winner of the draw be announced?

The results of the prize draw will be published on 8th June 2014, at 21:00h (Local Time Madrid-Spain) when we will publish the prize draw winner's name on Facebook and Twitter.

4. When and how will the prize be awarded to the winner?

Once the result is known, Modesphera will contact the winner at the email address registered with requesting the following information:

Name and surname.
Legal identity document number.
Address where the winner wishes to receive the prize.
Contact telephone number to validate the data sent.

5. Authorization.

Modesphera reserves the right to communicate the results of the contest and prize draw, as well as the prizes and winner information on social networks, web sites or in written press. Therefore participation in the contest and/or the prize draw assumes that the user authorizes Modesphera with the right to publish this information on the aforementioned sites.

6. Acceptance of rules, responsibilities and communication.

As a registered member of Modesphera the user agrees to comply with each and every one of the contest rules; guidelines that can be consulted at any time. Non-fulfillment of the rules will directly exclude the user from the contest. As a registered member of Modesphera it is assumed that the user agrees to the contest rules as well as Modesphera norms of privacy and terms of use.

Modesphera reserves the right to reject the participation of any user that does not comply with the participation rules, or acts in a way which goes against the spirit of contest or the general conditions of use in Modesphera.

Modesphera reserves the right to modify the conditions of the contest or even to instigate its cancellation if it is deemed a just cause, and agrees to communicate any such changes or new legal guidelines with sufficient notice. If these changes are due to an Act of God or for a possible legal requirement, Modesphera is exempt from any obligation or compensation to participants. Any such situation will be duly communicated to all participants.

In the case of any possible discrepancies regarding the rules of this activity or its legal conditions, Modesphera's criteria will prevail. Participants waive their own jurisdiction, and accept the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona as those competent to settle any related claims.

Participation in the contest supposes the user's agreement to Modesphera contacting the winners for delivery of the prizes.

7. Data protection

All Personal Data provided by participants to TOTAL SPHERES, S.L. for participation in the current Promotion is included in the files named TOTAL SPHERES, S.L., with address C/MELÉNDEZ VALDÉS 11 PLANTA 1º PUERTA 6 08302 MATARO (BARCELONA) SPAIN, and to which participants can request access, rectification, their opposition or cancellation, via a written request including an accompanying copy of personal ID.

The promotion demands that all data facilitated is authentic, complete and updated by the participants. In the case where personal data is found to be uncertain, incomplete or not updated TOTAL SPHERES, S.L.has the right to exclude the participant from the promotion in question.

Participants in the promotion agree to data facilitated being used for their participation in the promotion, to research, promote or commercialize the services and products of TOTAL SPHERES, S.L.via any means, including electronically. Presenting an agreement to the use of this personal data for the management of the promotion is compulsory. Agreeing to the use of the personal data for commercial communication is optional, and participants have the right to cancel or opt out of receiving any commercial information at any time during or after the promotion.

By taking part in the contest/promotion participants fully accept the following rules and therefore authorize TOTAL SPHERES, S.L. with the right to publish their name and image on the web site in relation to the current Promotion as well as to be used in any advertising, promotion or publication with a commercial or informative aim, without any kind of refund.

As such and in compliance with the information outlined in the Organic Law 15/1999 for Personal Data Protection dated 13th December, it is understood that the user agrees to the use of personal data exclusively as outlined above.